The Full Story

Diamond Nail Supplies was founded back in 2018, while I (Jade - nice to meet you!) was in the second year of my degree. I was doing nails as a side hustle, and I was fed up with (excuse my language) shit products and shit customer service. I found that I had to mix a lot of my own shades to get the colour and consistency I wanted. I quickly discovered that I had quite the eye for colour matching and creating beautiful, unique shades so, I decided to turn it into a business. I dove in head-first with precisely zero idea of how to run a company or what the whole thing would amount to, but here we are - my random idea became an actual company! 

About Us



Honestly, even though the business has been around for a while, it's still a baby - it has a lot of growing to do and so many goals to achieve! Long-term, we're working towards mixing all of our acrylic powders in-house, so that we can create the colour range of every tech's dreams with the kind of consistency we all wish for. We currently mix around 50% of our shades, the rest are purchased from US and EU based manufacturers. Honestly, they aren't all perfect and they aren't where we'd like them to be, but things take time. For now, any imperfections are disclosed prior to purchasing, to allow customers to make an informed decision.  We also have plans to expand into other nail systems, including gel and polygel.


Above all else, our aim is to become a business techs know they can trust. To be able to release products and have customers feel secure in their purchasing decision because they know the quality of our creations.


This industry lacks so much transparency, and we'd like to take steps toward changing that.