Firstly, welcome to Diamond Nail Supplies and thank you so much for visiting the website! 

Obviously, we're a bit biased and so could rant about how amazing the brand is until we're blue in the face! We'll leave that for you to judge.


Long story short, I (Jade. Hi, by the way!) started the company on a whim, back in 2018, whilst I was at university and in the second year of my law degree. I was doing nails a side hustle, and I was fed up of (excuse my language) shit products and shit customer service. I found that I was having to mix a lot of my own shades to get the colour and consistency I wanted, so decided to turn it into a business. I dove in head-first with precisely zero idea of what the whole thing would amount to, but here we are - my random idea became an actual company! 


The product range is still growing and long-term, the aim is to be a one-stop-shop for nail technicians. Right now we have our core acrylic system, coloured powders and a range of tools, but watch this space because there's lots more coming!

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority so any feedback is more than welcome!